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"Delaying litigation
can easily become
your own demise of

Keating Law Firm, PC enables you to act
swiftly with the proper collection steps.



• Civil Litigation

A civil suit is brought before the court for the purpose of recovering a right or debt, obtaining damages, obtaining an injunction, preventing injury or obtaining a declaratory judgment to prevent future legal disputes. Civil litigation does not involve a criminal charge.

• The Creditors' Rights under-Bankruptcy Proceedings

Creditors have the right to share in distributions from the bankruptcy estate based on the priority of their claims and we can assist creditors in properly evidencing and filing claims as well as securing their respective share of such distributions.

Creditors have the right to be heard in court in matters concerning the debtor's bankruptcy (in Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13) including the liquidation of non exempt assets and disbursements from assets of the bankruptcy estate. We will appear on behalf of our clients to assert their rights as creditors when necessary to fully protect their interests in such proceedings.

Creditors have the right to challenge an individual debtor's discharge or the discharge of any creditor's debt. We can assist our client in challenging any unreasonable discharge.

• Subrogation

Subrogation is considered a highly technical area of law necessitating litigation against third party subrogees. Subrogation rights inure to the benefit of third parties for losses suffered by their client or customer due to the negligence or unlawful act of another. Subrogation laws permit an insurance company or guarantor to step into the shoes of a party damaged by another thus enabling the insurance company or guarantor to recover against the negligent party for sums paid to their
client or customer under policies of insurance or other contracts.
Although subrogation claims can be time consuming and tedious, we have systems and practices in place that facilitate the prompt and efficient representation of subrogees.

For example: Negligence of insured renter, damaging a vehicle that is not covered under the Self Insurance liability, and the need to collect under renters personal insurance or if not insured, to collect the damages from personal assets.



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